Denis Manturov, the Head of the Ministry of Industry and Trade of the Russian Federation, has confirmed that the Russian manufacturers of medical devices and pharmaceutical substances are ready for new challenges. Despite the restrictions caused by the sanctions, the industry can fulfill the requests timely and qualitatively.

It is also announced that there is no current need for parallel import of pharmaceutical products as this category of goods is not forbidden to be supplied to the Russian market. The foreign manufacturers have reduced the scope of clinical testing for this moment, but the Russian manufacturers have increased it. As a result, the part of the Russian companies is 80% of the total number of the medical goods registered within the last seven months.

One of the reasons of such an increase is quick communication and partnership with Russian and friendly countries’ companies. The second reason is subsides for development, production and registration of new medical drugs and devices. As Manturov sais, support of patented goods is required in cases of the imported goods leaving our market. The aim is to provide continuous and timely provision of the population with living-matter drugs and reliable medical devices. It is planned to fulfill completely the need for such goods in 2024.

The main object is minor and medium scope of chemicals, namely, draft materials, reactive agents and substances for full clinical inspection. In other words, the industry is planning to occupy the fields that are not covered after the foreign companies leaving and to develop own competence in development and production of medical drugs and devices.