The Government of the Russian Federation adopted resolutions No. 1768 and No. 1769 of October 24, 2023, regulating the procedure for allocating funds to equip medical institutions and specialized schools with products for detecting and controlling diabetes.

The documents were developed by the Ministry of Health of the Russian Federation within the framework of the federal project “Fighting Diabetes Mellitus”. According to the regulations, in government procurement priority is given to domestic products with equivalent technological characteristics.

According to the «Narodnyi Front», which conducted a survey of 4,200 citizens on the availability of glucometers, over 70% of respondents reported a shortage of devices for continuous glucose monitoring. More than 80% reported a shortage of consumables for them. Particularly common is the lack of sensor systems that transmit glucose data to a smartphone.

Another significant problem is the lack of systems equipped with an insulin pump, which is necessary primarily for children who cannot independently inject insulin.

At the end of September, the problem of providing citizens with devices for monitoring blood sugar levels was voiced at a meeting of President V. Putin with members of the Government. Based on its results, the head of the Ministry of Health, M. Murashko, was instructed to present a solution to the current problem.