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2910, 2022

Restriction of exportation of medical drugs and medical devices from the Russian Federation is prolonged for a year

October 29, 2022|Categories: Uncategorized|Tags: |

The Russian President Vladimir Putin has signed the order according to which exportation of some kinds of goods will be restricted to the 31st [...]

2110, 2022

Prolongation of the transition period to the common rules of medical devices registration is on the ECE agenda

October 21, 2022|Categories: registration|Tags: |

The agreement on the unified principles and rules of trade of medical devices in the EAEU countries is subjected to new changes. The ECE [...]

610, 2022

National registration of medical devices in EAEU can be prolonged for an unlimited period

October 6, 2022|Categories: registration|

Pandemic, risk of emergency situation and announcement of the state of martial law, as well as possible consequences of sanctions influence the procedure of registration [...]

2909, 2022

Registration according to the facilitated procedure is prolonged till January, 2025

September 29, 2022|Categories: registration|Tags: |

Six products have already been completely registered according to the facilitated scheme of registration of medical devices that can be deficient within the period [...]

1409, 2022

The Moscow manufacturers of medical devices has increased the amount of production for about 60%

September 14, 2022|Categories: Uncategorized|Tags: |

Vladimir Efimov, the deputy mayor of Moscow in the sphere of economic policy, said that the value of the scope of medical devices manufactured [...]

609, 2022

Medical devices entered into the market should be registered by lots by a special service of the Federal Service for Surveillance in Healthcare

September 6, 2022|Categories: registration|

A new function appeared on the web-site of the Federal Service for Surveillance in Healthcare that is available in the applicant’s personal profile. It [...]

609, 2022

The Government prolonged the confirmation of compliance of manufactured and imported medical devices according to the facilitated procedure for a year

September 6, 2022|Categories: registration|Tags: |

In March, 2022, the Cabinet Council suggested facilitation of the procedure of confirmation of compliance of a group of required goods to make their [...]

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