Prices and payment methods

Prices and payment methods


The cost of work is based on a combination of factors, such as the amount and complexity of work, the need for testing in authorized laboratories, the required deadlines. Here we indicate the approximate prices for our most popular services:

  • Registration of medical devices in the Russian Federation – from 400 000 rubles

  • Registration of medical devices in the EAEU – price on request

  • Introduction of amendments to the Russian Federation registration certificates for medical devices – from 30 000 rubles

  • Introduction of amendments to the registration dossier for medical devices registered in the Russian Federation – from 30 000 rubles

  • Replacement of the Registration certificates (RC), receiving a duplicate of the RC – from 30 000 rubles

  • Drawing up an official letter to Roszdravnadzor – from 5 000 rubles

  • Support of tests – from 35 000 rubles

  • Development of design and technological documentation – price on request

  • Technical tests – from 50 000 rubles

  • Clinical trials – from 70 000 rubles

  • Toxicological tests – from 35 000 rubles

  • Development of documents for a quality management system of medical devices – price on request.

The final cost is calculated only when the experts in the technical department of our company carefully study the needs of the Client and agree on the scope of work.


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For your convenience, we offer several flexible ways to pay for our services.

First option

Payment upon the provision of certain stages of service – stage-by-stage post-payment. This option is recommended for the registration of a medical device ‘from the scratch’. Upon agreement with the Client, payment is divided into 3 to 8 stages, depending on the amount of work and the complexity of the product.

Second option

Payment for services according to the following scheme: prepayment for an intermediate result, payment upon the receipt of the final result. This option is usually chosen for such services as introduction of amendments to the registration dossier, support of tests, development of two or more documents for the registration dossier, support of individual stages of registration, etc.

Third option

100% prepayment of services – used for fast and short-term services. For example, it can be drawing up an official request to Roszdravnadzor, consultation and development of individual documents, amending the registration certificate, replacing the original copy of the certificate or receiving a duplicate copy of the registration certificate, etc.

Fourth option

Fixed monthly payment – applicable to any procedure and allows our clients to plan their expenses in advance. Payment is made according to an agreed work schedule, which is developed in cooperation with the Client and takes into account such factors as the duration and amount of work, and the complexity of the product.

For our regular customers, with whom we build mutually beneficial cooperation, we can provide individual payment systems involving installment liabilities and other bonuses.

Contact us and together we will find the payment method most suitable for you!

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