Vladimir Efimov, the deputy mayor of Moscow in the sphere of economic policy, said that the value of the scope of medical devices manufactured within a period of from January to July, 2022, are about two thirds higher than the values actual for the same period of the last year. 60 enterprises of the capital that produce medical devices has shown the great production results and the amount of goods that has been delivered to the purchasers within the same period has increased for more than 20%.

Among the devices manufactured in Moscow, there are artificial lungs ventilation apparatuses, pulse oximeters, bandaging materials and first aid sets, equipment for cardiopulmonary resuscitation, etc.

Such an increase is associated with the city policy of production stimulation. The government has contracted with the enterprises for four offset agreements in the medical field, according to which the investors should start a new enterprise or support an active one, and the city organizations should by the involved enterprises’ production for a set period of time.

The contract for localization of the medical devices production has been agreed in 2019. It led to production of 44 items of goods with total amount of 5,5 million units per year. The sum of invested money is 1 billion rubles.

Currently, due to the facilitated rules of offset contracting, the minimum invested money amount is reduced to 100 millions or 400 millions is the agreement involves several subjects of the Russian Federation.

The Fund of Business support also issues the applications for reduced-rate lending of business with a rate of 3% and the maximum money amount of 3 billion rubles as an anti-crisis measure. The lent money can be used for purchase of the equipment, registration of intellectual property right, recovery or creation of industrial infrastructure in the medical field.