The Russian medical industry gathers pace. The Federal Service of State Statistics informs that in June the production of medical devices and pharmaceutical products has increased for 2,4% compared with May and for 16,5% relatively to the June, 2021.

A significant increase characterizes production of vaccines, antitoxins, vitamins and other pharmaceutical substances, medical drugs and health supplements. The highest increase of production amount is the one of antibiotics. The difference between the results in this June and the previous one is 59,9%.

Production of medical devices has also been developed, especially the amount of manufactured bandages of various types including adhesive ones and the ones sodden with medicine substances. The increase of production is 22%.

However, we should also note a negative trend. Devices for therapy, rehabilitation, diagnostics of illnesses and equipment for radiation treatment have been produces in amount that is less than in the previous June for 10,1%.