The suppliers of the medical devices have faced a crisis: there are difficulties related with exportation of spare parts for repair of medical equipment. This is the statement of the International Medical Devices Manufacturers Association (IMEDA). The reason for such difficulties is the government resolution according to which the list of equipment and goods that are forbidden for exportation from Russia till the end of this year is established.

The organization asks for derogation to the forbiddance of exportation of some goods, including medical equipment, to avoid deficiency of serviceable devices. The International Medical Devices Manufacturers Association (IMEDA) marks that warranty repair and maintenance should be performed in a certified service center, as a rule, in a manufacturer country. That’s why the association addressed to the prime minister Mikhail Mishustin a letter that informs on the negative consequences to the market imposed by the resolution accepted in March and forbidding some goods for exportation.

The list includes more than 200 items, including the equipment required in the sphere of medicine and pharmaceutical production. Exportation of such items requires a special permission by the Ministry of Industry and Trade. In May, the list of medical devices covered by the forbiddance for export has been reduced and additional measures to facilitate the permission procedure have been taken.

The association supposes that, without new facilitation, Russia will soon face critical lack of several thousands items of medical apparatuses, spare parts and accessories for them. To avoid this, IMEDA suggests to permit exportation of medical devices for maintenance, repair and replacement by making the corresponding correctives to resolutions No. 311 and 312. The Ministry of Healthcare thinks it’s possible to issue temporary permissive licenses for exportation to solve the problem. The new procedure will be developed by the Ministry of Healthcare and the Federal Service for Surveillance in Healthcare that control trade and proper maintenance of medical equipment. The other bodies of interest will also participate in this development.