The Ministry of Industry and Trade has developed a resolution on the inclusion of medical gloves in the list of products subject to mandatory labeling. The document will enter into force on December 1, 2023, after which suppliers will be able to start labeling. Market participants who are unable to carry out marking within the specified period will have the opportunity to prepare for the procedure until March 1, 2024. From this moment on, marking will be mandatory.

According to the decree, suppliers must gradually submit information to the state information monitoring system:

  • from 01.03.2024 – on the introduction of medical gloves into circulation and their labeling;
  • from 01.09.2024 – on the withdrawal of medical gloves from circulation;
  • from 1.09.2025 – about all stages of the circulation of medical gloves.

The introduction of mandatory labeling of medical gloves is caused by the activity of resellers engaged in repackaging of imported products, which leads to an increase in the volume of counterfeit goods on the market and causes damage to honest suppliers.

Since 2019, the “Chestny Znak” system has been operating in Russia, aimed at combating the illegal circulation of products, including: food, clothing and footwear, medicines, equipment, and medical devices. The list of medical devices subject to labeling is constantly updated.