Last Monday, the Government of the Russian Federation adopted Resolution No. 1479, amending Resolution No. 620, in force since 2021, which prohibits government purchases of medical devices of various types in one lot, except for purchases under life cycle contracts, medical devices together with consumables provided by the manufacturer, as well as purchases not exceeding certain amounts.

According to the new resolution, when purchasing under offset contracts, it is allowed to combine products of different types into one lot. The new rule will not apply to contracts already concluded. The amendments were developed by the Ministry of Industry and Trade in March of this year in order to reduce the number of procurement procedures and speed up the delivery of required products to medical institutions.

An offset contract involves the supplier investing in the production of medical devices and equipment. Since products of different types can be produced at one site, it is not advisable to enter into an offset contract for each individual type.

Resolution No. 620 aims to create conditions for fair competition. However, its adoption led to an increase in the number of procurement procedures. In the spring of 2022, due to sanctions restrictions, Resolution No. 620 was suspended until September 1 of the same year, after which it came into force again.