On October 1, mandatory labeling began for some medical devices (MD), orthopedic products, recirculators, wheelchairs, as well as biologically active additives and antiseptics.

Mandatory labeling requires registration of manufacturers, distributors and importers in the “Chestnyj znak” system, into which information about labeling is submitted. Registration in the system started on September 1. Market participants had to enter a description of their goods into the electronic catalog, as well as work out procedures for applying labeling and transferring data about it and about putting products on sale into the “Chestnyj znak” system.

The purpose of mandatory labeling is to eliminate counterfeit products from the market. There are fines for the production and sale of products without labeling, as well as for the sale, storage and transportation without transmitting information to the “Chestnyj znak”.

The experiment on labeling the above products was carried out in several stages, starting in 2019. To date, the number of registered participants has amounted to more than 30 thousand, which exceeded the expected number by 2.8 times.

From 03/01/2024, labeling will become mandatory for a number of other medical devices, including: hearing aids, coronary stents, computed tomographs, incontinence sanitary products and medical gloves.