The Ministry of Industry and Trade has prepared a draft resolution on amending certain acts of the Government of the Russian Federation. It is proposed to introduce a ban on the purchase of a position: “141 (1). Foreign-made respiratory resuscitation apparatus for the needs of state municipal institutions. The proposed measure is aimed at stimulating domestic production within the framework of the state import substitution program.

According to the explanatory note to the document, at the moment the main enterprises for the production of ventilator equipment in Russia are: KRET JSC, Rostec State Corporation and Triton-Electronics.

Annually, Russian companies together produce up to 36 thousand units of this type of equipment. The need of state institutions for ventilators is estimated at an average of 2.7 thousand units per year.

In the fall of 2021, Government Decree No. 1432 introduced the “second extra” rule for public procurement of a number of medical equipment, according to which applications with an offer of foreign medical equipment are rejected if there is at least one application with an offer of similar products of Russian or Eurasian production. The rule affected about 30 items of medical equipment and technology, including ventilators.