The multiagency commission based on the Federal Service for Surveillance in Healthcare and the involved Ministries has enlarged the list of medical devices that can become deficient. The most of them are devices that are not manufactured on the territory of the Russian Federation or friendly countries. This list includes also the equipment for ultrasonography diagnostics and endoprosthetics.

The media office of the Federal Service for Surveillance in Healthcare states that the list of possibly deficient medical devices includes 1580 codes. These devices can get the state registration according to the facilitated procedure.

Aisilu Kamaletdinova, the vice manager of the Department of control over trade of medicine drugs and medical devices of the Ministry of Healthcare, noted that the devises for endoprosthetics and ultrasonography diagnostics require the special attention of the Russian manufacturers. The possibility that the medical organizations will soon suffer from the lack of these devices is already evident, but currently there are no claims about deficiency.

Besides, she thinks that about a half of the listed medical devices can be manufactured in Russia as well, including the prosthetics, the medical ventilators and the devices for in vitro diagnostics.

Since the beginning of April, the special rules have been established for trade and registration of the deficient medical devices, including reducing of the terms of state registration to 22 working days and facilitation of changing of registration portfolios.

The special commission assigned in May estimates deficiency or its hazard on the basis of the offers from the vendors and manufacturers of lower cost medical devices or the commission members’ suggestions.