The Head of the Ministry of Health ordered the companies developing medical equipment to speed up the process of import substitution. In the context of the situation in the world, the Ministry of Transport also supported the initiative to create green corridors for the transportation of foreign-made products and components.

Mikhail Murashko in his speech focused on the need to develop Russian own medical enterprises. The list of priority medicines and medical devices has already been drawn up and is being updated according to the needs of the domestic market. According to the minister, timely import substitution will also help to avoid pricing problems. Now prices are quite stable and state regulation will allow avoiding sharp jumps in the near future.

With regard to green corridors, in March, a list of products that are prohibited from being exported from the territory of the Russian Federation until the end of this year was published and subsequently supplemented. This list also includes some names of medical products. The Federal Service for Surveillance in Healthcare has achieved importation permission for a number of medical devices: now they can be taken out of the country for repair or replacement.

The Federal Service for Surveillance in Healthcare has also organized a Competence Center, whose tasks include collecting data on the repair and maintenance of medical equipment, as well as searching for appropriate repair companies.

In addition to this, routes for the transportation of medical devices are currently being developed in collaboration with the Ministry of Transport, the Ministry of Health and the Ministry of Industry and Trade. Similar green corridors for medical drugs have already been organized by the ministries in October.