In March, 2022, the Cabinet Council suggested facilitation of the procedure of confirmation of compliance of a group of required goods to make their production and importation easier under the conditions of the sanctions imposed by unfriendly countries. The list of such goods includes medical devices, hygienic and disinfection products, cosmetic devices and substances.

Previously, certification of these goods took a lot of time and made it harder to enter the goods to the market timely. According to the facilitated rules, it is enough just to submit a certificate on compliance based on the self-declared proofs. Thus, the specified goods can be easily brought into trade to provide the population with the needed devices.

Within a half-a-year, the procedure has revealed its advantages and proved its value completely. The Prime Minister of the Russian Federation Mikhail Mishustin confirmed its efficiency and announced prolongation of use of the facilitated rules till September, 2023.